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Are you interested in hiring qualified Hispanic individuals? The Connecting People to Jobs Program (CPTJ) connects you to the Hispanic workforce. We provide referrals of qualified Hispanic individuals for positions availble at local companies and allof our services are completely free of charge -for both job seeker and employer. Our database includes a large amount of Latin individuals who are looking to advance in their carrers and with varied expertise and skills. CPTJ is the solution for your hiring needs either if you are looking for reliable, qualified workers in the areas of manufacturing, retail, adminstration or if you are looking for bilingual professionals to cover positions as managers, directors and supervisors.

CPTJ is a program seeking to improve the quality of life for Hispanics in the SC Midlands area through job training and employment. CPTJ seeks a collaborative partnership with local contractors who are willing to employ job seekers through the CPTJ program. As part of this collaborative effort, CPTJ will provide job seekers with training in such areas as English language and job skills. CPTJ will work with contractors to identify job seekers with appropriate skills to meet their needs.

Contractor's Responsibilities

Contractors who provide employment or internship opportunities through CPTJ agree to provide those individuals hired through CPTJ with a livable wage and to provide continuing employment opportunities for individuals whose performance meets the contractor's expectations. To the extent a contractor offers employment benefits to other employees, such as health insurance, vacation and sick leave, and retirement benefits, the contractor agrees to offer the same benefit opportunities to individuals CPTJ places with them. Contractors also agree to assist CPTJ in developing a curriculum of job skills for use in training job seekers as well as a grading system to measure workplace success. Contractors are encouraged to allow CPTJ participants time to complete ESL, GED, or other necessary training. Failure of the contractor to meet these responsibilities subjects the contractor to loss of access to job seekers through the CPTJ program.

Job Seeker's Responsibilities

Job seekers placed with contractors participating in the CPTJ program are responsible for:

1. Obtaining and maintaining a legal work status
2. Reporting to training and other appointments with CPTJ on time
3. Regularly attending training and other scheduled CPTJ events
4. Reporting to work on time
5. Reporting any changes in job status to CPTJ
6. Successful performance in the workplace, including a successful probation period outcome
7. Providing periodic feedback to CPTJ staff as required

Any job seeker that fails to perform any one of the above responsibilities will be subject to loss of employment with the contractor and dismissal from the CPTJ program.

To become an employeer Participant, please call Ivan Segura at 803-737-0792 or email at isegura@sces.org




Connecting People to Jobs is an initiative of Family Service Center of SC